Winter, here we come – new collection from 4F

The skiing season is still to open, but 4F is ready with its latest collection for fans of winter sports and those who appreciate an everyday sporty look. The collection features professional winter clothing, functional underwear and high quality accessories for the slope. Skiing resorts of today and from days past have been the inspiration. The differentiators are in original colour combinations, varied patterns and materials, all featuring the latest sport technologies.

The 4F winter collection features lines for men, women and children, including items essential for the slope, for other winter sports, as well as models that work perfectly every day. Thanks to having several lines, there is something for each winter sports fan.

A setting sun inspired the women’s line Sunset Gradient, with geometric cuts and subtle colour transitions, from neon coral to the mild grey mélange. Functional high collar down jackets, warm turtleneck jumpers and comfortable ski pants are just some of the items in Sunset Gradient. The Street & Slope line is mainly melange and felt-like fabrics, as well as deep blues and strong, contrasting reds. The line is strongly inspired by classical skiing, but with a modern, technological finish. Melange is present also in the Pastel Winter line, where eye-grabbing colours mix with geometric patterns and marble accents, while the waterproof zips are both reflective and asymmetrical.

The Alpine Chic line mixes comfort and style, with classic whites, greys and black set together in shiny and matte block formations. The fits highlight the feminine skiing figure, while a delicate fur trim to the hoods adds flair to the style. The Sky Rider line targets snowboarders, with an extended top, slightly dropped crotch and narrow knees. Contrasting neon colours set this line apart from others, as featured both on the fabrics and the asymmetrical zips.

The men’s lines are primarily bold colours, with a moderate melange and blue. The Mountain Aurora line, inspired by the aurora borealis, is characterised by block inserts and linearity, thanks to using contrasting, waterproof zips.

From Street To Slope mixes casual and bold, with a neon red and exposed material structures. Jackets are a combination of traditional down jackets with technical skiing tops. Skiing Heritage marks a return to classic lines, while using the best technology and works perfectly on the slope. Simple cuts and blue-red shades are carried on helmets, skiing gloves and winter hats. Looser fitting forms and modern designs are covered in the Freedom&Ski line, where functional sewn-on pockets and fur trim to the hoods come useful off the slope. Reflective Performer is a strong colour combination of bold neon green and blue. Its geometrical lines are enhanced by metallic finishes and spatial structures.

The children’s collection is Pastel Winter and Winter Africa for girls, and Winter Clouds for boys. It stands loud with bold colours across the lines, with gradient colour transitions, original zips and faunal motives. The dominant colours are neon shades of yellow, blue and pink, coupled with universal black and greys.

The 4F winter collection mixes classic styles with bold colours and high quality, with something for all consumers – women, men and children.

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